DOCTYPE html> looking for death within the rose-tree
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even scarier halloween costume ideas:

  • the growing popularity of ukip
  • the conservative party’s plans to scrap the human rights act
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Art history meme (x) - 4/4 colours - black

The Wyndham Sisters by John Singer Sargent | Fleurs by Jean Benner | Mrs. Daniel Sargent by John Singleton Copley | Gossip Being Punished by Ignacio Diaz Olano | Mrs. Louis E. Raphael by John Singer Sargent

No gradient. Not a single change in vibrance or brightness. No brightness. It engulfs. It’s all black.

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“There are tears which pierce through the earth and rise as stars in other skies. I wonder who has wept our stars?”
— E.M. Cioran 
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Belton House by Andy Watson1 on Flickr.
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"The Naked Witch" (1961) 


"The Naked Witch" (1961) 

  1. What i say:I have anxiety
  2. What most people think i said:I am awkward but cute awkward and shy.
  3. What people assume:I am imagining illnesses to justify my lifestyle and personality.
  4. What i actually mean:I live in a constant fear. I worry about the past, current or future situations, i have stomach and head pains all the time, tachycardia and awful panic attacks that include heart palpitations, and breathing problems. I suffer everyday and not only in "stressful situations". I think so much before i do something and eventually i don't do it at all, so people think i am lazy. I suffer from insomnia. I sweat to the idea of having to interact with people. I don't use the word anxiety to justify anything or to make myself look cool. It's a mental disorder, i have to live with it and find ways to control the symptoms. It is not a trend. Many people around the world actually suffer from this disorder. Accept those who have it and help them, don't judge them, don't joke about it. NEVER.