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"He said the pleasantest manner of spending a hot July day was lying from morning till evening on a bank of heath in the middle of the moors, with the bees humming dreamily about among the bloom, and the larks singing high up overhead, and the blue sky and bright sun shining steadily and cloudlessly. That was his most perfect idea of heaven’s happiness — mine was rocking in a rustling green tree, with a west wind blowing, and bright white clouds flitting rapidly above; and not only larks, but throstles, and blackbirds, and linnets, and cuckoos pouring out music on every side, and the moors seen at a distance, broken into cool dusky dells; but close by great swells of long grass undulating in waves to the breeze; and woods and sounding water, and the whole world awake and wild with joy. He wanted all to lie in an ecstasy of peace; I wanted all to sparkle and dance in a glorious jubilee. I said his heaven would be only half alive, and he said mine would be drunk; I said I should fall asleep in his, and he said he could not breathe in mine."

—Emily Brontë, from Wuthering Heights 
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if i’m following you i love you okay even though i don’t talk to you cause if i don’t it’s most likely because i’m just too awkward to say hi so i just love you and admire you from a distance

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Your blog is lovely and you seem like a wonderful person


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      ”There is no law that gods must be fair, Achilles,” Chiron said. “And perhaps it is the greater grief, after all, to be left on earth when another is gone. Do you think?”

➵ the song of achilles, by madeline miller

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EatF_2-5, oil on canvas

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barefoot | 2013 | 60 x 80 cm | by Karien Deroo | oil on canvas

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